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Who we are

The professional staff of Partnership International, Inc. is multi-cultural and multilingual with extensive overseas experience. We believe in establishing a local presence in countries and markets of particular interest to our clients. By doing so, we work closely with local resources to identify and validate effective solutions, which are truly adapted to the needs of our clients in providing sustainable development.

Our Senior Partners and Technical Advisors have hands-on experience covering more than 50 countries. To meet our clients’ objectives, we have assembled at team of seasoned international professionals.

The senior advisors of Partnership International have :

  • Complementary skills that will seamlessly deliver the quality and timely services required for a successful project implementation.

  • Extensive experience in working in emerging countries at senior levels of both private and public enterprises and/or related governmental agencies responsible for regulatory, administrative, judicial and service programs.

  • Know-how to instill transfer of best practices in all manners of legal, technical and professional environments.
The Partnership International team includes:
  • Infrastructure Investment & Restructuring Specialists
  • Financial & Management Advisors
  • Economists
  • Legal and Regulatory Experts
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Accounting/Auditing Experts
  • Privatization and Public-Private Partnership Experts
Our core team is supplemented by a global network of consultants and advisers who have been involved in financial engineering and infrastructure development worldwide.

Our Principals
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Ian P. Brownlow
President, CEO

Gilles Foucher
VP, Finance & Operations

Tracy Mathieu
VP, Business Development

Our Senior Advisors
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Robert V. Huffman
Senior Advisor, Communications

G. Barry Schaeffer
Senior Advisor, Energy Financial Economist

Robert Foster
Senior Engineer, Solar & Wind Energy Development

A. John Armstrong
Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy Legal & Regulatory Council

Jeff Ponsness
Senior Advisor, Energy Finance, Efficiency & ITC Development

Eric Youngren
Senior Engineer, Solar & Micro Grid Development

Richard Pearce
Senior Electrical Engineer, Rural & Renewable Energy Transmission/Distribution

Steven Hirsch
Senior Advisor, Electrical Engineer & Senior Advisor Renewable Energy

Nasir Khattak
Senior Advisor, Clean & Renewable Energy

Bryce Fisher
Senior Advisor, Transport Safety & Security

Benvindo Tavares Rodrigues
Senior Advisor, Private Sector Development

Timothy Healy
Senior Advisor, Enviro & Socio-Economics

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