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Core Capabilities & Service Solutions

Partnership International, Inc. complements our work in infrastructure through value-added practices which address the needs of our clients overall infrastructure investments. Partnership International provides a variety of sustainable development service solutions, such as:

Sector Reform & Development
Policy & regulatory, market assessments, institutional & enterprise restructuring, process reengineering, public-private partnership investments.
  • policy & regulatory framework,
  • corporate governance analysis and reform,
  • institutional & enterprise restructuring,
  • business process reengineering,
  • private sector development,
  • establishment of investment agencies,
  • export development,
  • public-private partnership (PPP) development,
  • public-private partnership investments.
Economic & Financial Analysis
  • economic analysis,
  • financial modeling,
  • project financing,
  • market analysis,
  • investment promotion,
  • comparative benchmarking,
  • high-stake negotiation,
  • business plan & strategy,
  • country and regional competitiveness.
Project Planning
Socio-economic impact, socio-environmental impact assessment, public awareness, monitoring & evaluation.
  • project management,
  • executive management,
  • socio-economic impact assessments,
  • socio-environmental impact assessments,
  • public awareness outreach and relations,
  • socio-economic monitoring & evaluation.

Partnership International Worldwide

Partnership International works in partnership with internationally seasoned senior professionals. Founded in 1990, Partnership International is composed of senior partners and technical advisors with in-depth experience in creating the necessary regulatory, institutional and economic environment to promote public and private investments in infrastructure projects. Our professional consultants are multicultural and multilingual with extensive overseas experience. Partnership International consultants have worked for Fortune 500 companies, the World Bank, the UNDP, the U.S. Government, and other distinguished employers. Partnership International includes experts with extensive contacts with government ministries, donor agencies, financial institutions and local entities worldwide. While providing country-specific solutions, Partnership International is a distinctively international consulting firm in its structure, its staffing and its competencies.

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