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About Sustainable Development Partners, LLC

Sustainable Development Partners, LCC (SD Partners)
is an international consulting firm promoting sustainable development through Renewable Energy (RE) and infrastructure investments.

SD Partners' goal is to help provide the development & financing of renewable clean energy developments through the private sector in emerging and developing countries. In doing so, we propose to help the private sector develop “Best Practices" for new sustainable technologies, with bankable technical, commercial and financial business structures. We believe this future renewable energy and new clean technologies success story can have a ripple effect worldwide by helping accelerate private sector development of these resources and enabling emerging countries to go beyond their targeted energy goals by tapping into the know-how of their private sector entrepreneurs. SP Partners' team specializes in using government programs (i.e., U.S., European, African as well as multilateral government agencies) to structure funding for cross border transactions and projects. Since financial markets are often unable to support direct foreign investment in emerging markets without government involvement, the SD Partners' team provides critical financial advisory services to mobilize financing to private sector entities in emerging economies. This includes: business development funds, export working capital, vendor financing, direct foreign investment support (debt and equity), insurance, bonding and guarantees.

Here are some of our ongoing projects with Partnership International:

Water Purification/Desalination (CA, NM and South Africa)
Partnership International seeks to carry out a Pilot Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan to supply and support the integration of a patented water purification technology developed by Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTi), founded in 2007 in California ( Their “H2O Cav-Unit” uses Cavitation-Electrocoagulation technology to purify water from previously non-clean water resources. Towards this goal, PI/CTi seeks to carry out a Pilot and Feasibility Study of the H2O Cav-Unit to determine the best way forward to integrate this technology into climate-vulnerable areas in need of clean water supply and/or treatment of wastewater.

Utility Scale Solar Plants in Mexico
Partnership International is helping Enermun SA de CV develop 100MW grid connected PV power projects in the Michoacán and Jalisco States through the conduction of a feasibility study. The project will use the latest state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly technology for power generation. The study will consider location, quality, and cost in recommending the solar power system, taking into consideration USA-based PV panel and mounting solution providers, including inverters. This would allow the developer to take advantage of the USA debt financing offered by USA development banks.

Jamaica Hotel Solar Power PV Project
Partnership International is assisting the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association (JHTA) develop grid-connected Solar PV systems for its members with funding from the USAID Clean Energy Facility for the Caribbean and Central America (CEFF-CCA). The JHTA seeks to develop 5MW of solar power at member locations across six area chapters. The PI team has developed five models to address the needs of different types of members within the JHTA: large scale hotels, medium scale hotels, small/boutique hotels, accommodation/villas and tourism providers. The goal of the project is to improve power supplies available for JHTA members while reducing their dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Buranga Geothermal Concession
Partnership International is working with GIDS Consult, Ltd. to carry out a feasibility study and create an implementation plan to establish and development geothermal resources in the Buranga Geothermal Concession in the Albertine Rift. Uganda has an estimated geothermal power generation potential of 60 MW. PI and GIDS will conduct detailed surface studies to determine prospective drilling sites for the proposed geothermal power plant and direct use development. This project will help develop Uganda’s geothermal potential and provide clean energy for the country.

Malawi Mulanje Massif Hydropower, Water Supply and Irrigation Project
Partnership International is working with the Malawi-based company Kuwale Power Generation Company (KPGC) and Walla Investments (WI) to carry out pre-feasibility work to develop a hydropower project at the Mulanje Massif. WI has assigned the development of the proposed Mulanje Massif site to Partnership International and requested that PI proceed and conduct a bankable feasibility study of the project which would form the basis for KPGC to apply to the utility regulator, ESCOM, for a generation license. The Mulanje Massif Project has a hydropower rating potential between 16 and 52 MW to supply about 164 GWh annually. With funds requested from the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), PI will prepare a feasibility study that may lead to implementation.

dVentus Technologies Smart Meter Pilot Program
Partnership International is working with dVentus Technologies, an Ethiopian-American company, to install 1,000 smart meters in cooperation with the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) as part of a pilot program as EEU installs smart meters across Addis Ababa. These smart meters will help the EEU detect outages, monitor power usage, increase efficiency, and increase income while also enhancing their ability to provide power to their clients.






SD Partners' Best-Practices, Market-Oriented Approach

SD Partners
works closely with private sector clients to develop a bankable framework that promotes investments in renewable and clean energy infrastructure projects that help promote overall economic growth, social development, eliminate poverty and create jobs in emerging and developing countries. SD Partners help secure financing from multilateral and bilateral donors, equity partners and debt financing.

SD Partners believes in establishing a strong local presence as the key to our success in addressing the requirements of our clients. We work closely with private sector developers advancing best practices renewable and clean energy solutions which address the internal vision of the country with the international perspective and market-place.

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