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Power Grids

Our Senior Advisors and Technical Experts have completed the following assignments:

dVentus Technologies Smart Meter Pilot Program
Partnership International is working with dVentus Technologies, an Ethiopian-American company, to install 1,000 smart meters in cooperation with the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) as part of a pilot program as EEU installs smart meters across Addis Ababa. PI will conduct a feasibility study to help dVentus secure funding from the US Trade and Development Agency. These smart meters will help the EEU detect outages, monitor power usage, increase efficiency, and increase income while also enhancing their ability to provide power to their clients.

Isolated Mini-Grid, Rural Electricity Distribution Rehabilitation, and Hydropower Development, Angola (2011-2013)
Funded by USTDA, the Partnership International team provided technical assistance to conduct a Hydropower Prefeasibility and Master Plan for the rehabilitation and distribution of two isolated off-grid hydro resources in the rural municipalities of Cuchi and Léua, Angola. In establishing an institutional framework, our team assessed tariff levels, subsidy payments, and indirect subsidies that could be implemented by the electric utilities. Additionally, our team assessed the applicability in the isolated systems to improve collections of electricity bills through collection campaigns through the installation of pre-paid meters and a new tariff strategy for these isolated systems. Upon completion of this assessment, our senior advisors proposed the feasibility for Build-Own-Operate-Transfer public/private business model for these two micro-hydropower plants and the transmission/distribution network expansion plans, The Municipalities of Cuchi and Léua will serve as case studies for a broader country-wide private-sector development of rural electrification that would enhance revenues for electric utilities to ensure long-term sustainability. As part of the analysis, our advisors conducted a seminar with the participation of ENE, DNE, IRSE and other relevant energy agencies and stakeholders, to share key findings and to demonstrate how regulation of isolated systems will fit into the larger Power Purchase Agreement structure based on case studies in Cuchi and Léua.

General Electric International Power Grid Systems, Asia Region (2012)
Working as the project manager, Partnership International's expert was responsible for system integration of super critical steam turbine units and managed over $300M in contract equipment and services in Southeast Asia. The consultant supervised combined cycle installation and commissioning to grid in the Far East, overall design interface with joint venture manufacturing partners, and engineering interface for technology transfer agreements with Asian partners.

On-Grid Wind Energy, Morocco (2009)
For the Moroccan Government, Partnership International assessed opportunities and contracts for auto-producers developing wind fields in Morocco for the domestic market and for export to Europe, including drafting contracts to create a favorable climate for wind energy power development throughout Africa.

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