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Renewable Energy

Our Senior Advisors and Technical Experts have completed the following assignments:

Regeneración Ecológica, S.A. de C.V. and its renewable energy holding company Enermun, S.A. de C.V. to develop Utility-Scale Solar Plants in Mexico (2017-present)
Partnership International is helping RE/Enermun develop grid connected PV power projects in the Michoacán and Jalisco States. Regeneración Ecológica has formed a new special purpose vehicular (SPV) holding company ENERMUN (Project Sponsor), to develop renewable energy projects in Mexico. Working with its Partner Firms, Partnership International (PI) and Sustainable Development Partners (SD Partners), their first initiative is to develop a 53MW dc grid-connected Solar PV Power Plant “La Pluma" in Susupuato, Michoacán in the south-western region of Mexico, of a potential 100MW dc development.

Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association Solar Power PV Power Project
Partnership International assisted the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association (JHTA) develop grid-connected Solar PV systems for its members with funding from the USAID Clean Energy Facility for the Caribbean and Central America (CEFF-CCA). The JHTA seeks to develop solar power at member locations across six area chapters. The PI team has developed five (5) models to address the needs of different types of members within the JHTA: large scale hotels, medium scale hotels, small/boutique hotels, accommodation/villas and tourism providers. The goal of the project is to improve power supplies available for JHTA members while reducing their dependence on imported fossil fuels. A SPV will be formed to help finance and lease Solar PV systems for JHTA members to help bring down overall costs.

GIDS Buranga Geothermal Concession – Uganda (2017)
Partnership International worked with GIDS Consult, Ltd. develop a strategy through a feasibility study and create an implementation plan to establish and development geothermal resources in the Buranga Geothermal Concession in the Albertine Rift. Uganda has an estimated geothermal power generation potential of 450 MW. PI and GIDS will conduct detailed surface studies to determine prospective drilling sites for the proposed geothermal power plant and direct use development. This project will help develop Uganda’s geothermal potential and provide clean energy for the country.

52 MW Hydropower, Irrigation, and Water Supply IPP, Malawi (2016-Present)
Partnership International is working with the Malawi-based company Kuwale Power Generation Company (KPGC) to carry out pre-feasibility work to develop a hydropower project at the Mulanje Massif. KPGC has assigned the development of the proposed Mulanje Massif site to Partnership International and requested that PI proceed and conduct a bankable feasibility study of the project which would form the basis for KPGC to apply to the utility regulator, ESCOM, for a generation license. The Mulanje Massif Project has a hydropower rating potential between 16 and 52 MW to supply about 164 GWh annually. With funds requested from the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), PI will prepare a feasibility study that may lead to implementation.

125MW Utility Scale Solar IPP, Nigeria (2016)
Industrial Energy Holdings Limited (IEHL), has formed a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company registered in Nigeria as IE Agbaja Solar Power, Ltd. (IEASP). IEASP is the first of several Solar PV Projects envisioned by its parent company IEHL. IEASP will construct a 125MW grid-connected Solar PV Power Plant on Agbaja Plateau in the south-central region of Nigeria. As Advisor to IEHL, Partnership International, Inc. (PI) proposes to carry out a feasibility study and implementation plan for the proposed IEASP grid connected 125MW solar Photovoltaic (PV) plant in Agbaja, Kogi State. The Agbaja Solar plant is located on a 210ha greenfield on the Agbaja plateau. It has access to the Lokoja-Gwagwalada transmission line that serves the capital of Nigeria, which passes through the proposed site.

28MW Utility Scale Solar IPP, Ghana (2016)
Ghana Capital Partners, Limited (GCP, Ltd.) will construct a 28 MW grid-connected Solar PV Power Plant at Senya Beraku in the south-central region of Ghana. As Advisor to GCP, Ltd., Partnership International proposed to carry out a feasibility study and implementation plan with support from USA based Conergy, Inc. to provide US services and partial financing for the 28 MW power plant’s technical design and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of the plant. The expected operational life of the plant is 20 years with annual power generation of 73.584 GWh. If the PPA average is US$0.19/kWh, this will provide an IRR of 21.5% and an estimated US$14M in yearly revenue.

USAID Clean Energy Development Program, Indonesia (2012-2016)
Partnership International provided due diligence, technical assistance, and training for the financing and development of on- and off-grid pilot projects, many of which were implemented under grants to private developers or NGOs working with regional municipalities.

3 x 100MW (total 300MW) Utility Scale Solar Public-Private Partnership, Ethiopia (2015)
Global Trade and Development Corporation, Inc. (GTDC) was founded in 2010 and registered its branch in Ethiopia in 2011. GTDC has been awarded a Pubic Private Partnership contract by the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy and the Ethiopian Board of Directors for the Electric Power Corporation to build, operate, and transfer three 100-MW solar farms in Eastern Ethiopia, as a contribution to the country's planned energy mix. For the first of the three projects, GTDC will develop a 100 MW grid-connected Solar PV Power Plant near Awash Town in the eastern region of Ethiopia. The site is expected to be the first in the region and will serve as a model for the two subsequent power plant projects in the same region. As Advisor to GTDC, Partnership International proposed to carry out a feasibility study and implementation plan with support from USA solar equipment, technical design, engineering, procurement, and construction. The expected operational life of the plant is 25 years with annual power generation of 262 MWh, providing an IRR of 12.3% and an estimated US$28,908M in yearly revenue. The proposed plant design is estimated to consist of solar modules set on the ground by rack, fixed on mounting structures on concrete blocks.

Geothermal Handbook and Investment Database, Indonesia (2011-2014)
With funding from KfW, Partnership International provided two-years of technical, ICT, financial, and legal consulting to the Indonesian State Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) to effectively plan and coordinate public and private investments in the geothermal sector. Our objective was to develop a Geothermal Handbook and Investment Database "Geo Portal" with valuable geothermal sight specific data (in the portal's "Data Bank") to provide support for the planning and execution of geothermal projects and to accelerate the development of geothermal-based greenfield and brownfield projects. The Geothermal Investment Database was developed in collaboration with BAPPENAS staff to help attract public and private financing, and to support the coordination of this effort among ministries, departments, local government authorities, public and private financing institutions, and NGOs.

Isolated Mini-Grid, Rural Electricity Distribution Rehabilitation, and Hydropower Development, Angola (2011-2013)
Funded by USTDA, the Partnership International team provided technical assistance to conduct a Hydropower Prefeasibility and Master Plan for the rehabilitation and distribution of two isolated off-grid hydro resources in the rural municipalities of Cuchi and Léua, Angola. In establishing an institutional framework, our team assessed tariff levels, subsidy payments, and indirect subsidies that could be implemented by the electric utilities. Additionally, our team assessed the applicability in the isolated systems to improve collections of electricity bills through collection campaigns through the installation of pre-paid meters and a new tariff strategy for these isolated systems. Upon completion of this assessment, our senior advisors proposed the feasibility for Build-Own-Operate-Transfer public/private business model for these two micro-hydropower plants and the transmission/distribution network expansion plans, the Municipalities of Cuchi and Léua will serve as case studies for a broader country-wide private-sector development of rural electrification that would enhance revenues for electric utilities to ensure long-term sustainability. As part of the analysis, our advisors conducted a seminar with the participation of ENE, DNE, IRSE and other relevant energy agencies and stakeholders, to share key findings and to demonstrate how regulation of isolated systems will fit into the larger Power Purchase Agreement structure based on case studies in Cuchi and Léua.

MENA Geothermal Heating and Cooling Facility, West Bank (2011-2013)
With funding from USTDA, Partnership International worked with MENA Geothermal in the West Bank to develop a geothermal heating and cooling project design, feasibility, and implementation plan. The PI team assisted MENA Geothermal in developing a sustainable, bankable business plan for the implementation of Geothermal “GeoExchange” systems in the region. MENA has developed an advanced GeoExchange system adapted to local conditions with some specialty local supplies. Our team reviewed the feasibility, regulatory, economic, financial, environmental, and social aspect of this USTDA-funded proposed GeoExchange system study.

Renewable Energy & Tariff Development for Pakistan National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Pakistan (2010-2012)
Partnership International's experts reviewed tariff practices of various energy technologies as they related to Renewable Energy (RE) and proposed suitable modifications/changes in the tariff determination process to help promote the development of RE in Pakistan. Our consultants assessed tariff guidelines, renewable projects, license agreements, subsidies incorporated, environmental considerations, etc. The Partnership Interternational team enhanced the overall renewable energy sector strategies, which in turn helped create a favorable business and trade environment for renewable energy development to better utilize indigenous renewable energy sources such as biomass, bio-fuels, solar, geothermal, hydro, and wind. Our team addressed several key focus areas:
Assessing national renewable energy market related law/policies, tariff guidelines, renewable projects, license agreements, subsidies incorporated, environmental considerations, etc.
• Identifying and discussing potential issues/hurdles in procuring power from renewable energy projects with emphasis on tariff setting & potential licensees and relevant government agencies.
• Verifying application and definitive findings by reviewing tariff-setting hearings in the renewable energy sector.
• Preparing proposed frameworks or setting of guidelines to include recommended tariff derivation for renewable energy plants, including tools for analysis, connection to the grid, legal framework, guidelines, and organizational set up within NEPRA to promote renewable energy.
• Setting benchmarks to measure quality, availability, and reliability of supply; methodology for licensing applications and tariff determination; credits for producing electricity through CFT; and ongoing training programs to provide to enhance the skills of the NEPRA.
• Preparing a Final Report Preparation of analyses and findings incorporating all of the meetings, recommendations, and conclusions, as well as all other documents and/or reports provided pursuant to study.

Small Hydropower for Power Holding Company of Nigeria (2012)
Partnership International screened and ranked off-grid hydropower projects for rural electrification and poverty alleviation. PI conducted prefeasibility studies for hydropower projects of: Kurra (8 MW), Ankwil I (1 MW), Mbowo (30 kW), Oyan (9 MW) and Ikpoba (3 MW).

4 MW Hydropower Rubber Plantation, Liberia (2011)
Partnership International evaluated and conducted unit testing for a critical hydroelectric plant for the Firestone Natural Rubber Company, LLC rubber plantation in Liberia, Africa. Partnership International's expert served as Project Advisor, designing site improvement structures for enhanced operations as part of a full rehabilitation of a 4 MW generating project in Liberia.

Shrinagar Hydro Project, India (2010)
Partnership International provided engineering and management services to the Government of India for the 330 MW Shrinagar Hydro Project in the Tehri/ Pauri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand. Services included the bidding and negotiation of EPC contract and PPAs, and the development of an Implementation Plan.

REN21 Pledge Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (2009-2010)
Partnership International, at the International Renewable Energy Conference (,) pledged to promote financing and development of Solar, thermal Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), and Wind Power renewable energy sources in North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Partnership International proposed to accelerate Africa's global uptake of Solar, CSP and Wind renewable energy by assisting certain WIREC countries located in North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa to reach or go beyond their targeted WIREC 2010 goals. Partnership International has assisted these countries in developing renewable energy infrastructure investments with sound regulatory, institutional, technical, commercial, and financial structures to significantly increase the deployment and use of CSP and Wind renewables in the region.

Solar: Emerging Solar Markets - InterSolar US (2009)
Partnership International presented at the 2009 InterSolar North America ( The conference comprised 25 sessions with more than 150 speakers and over 60,000 trade visitors. Partnership International presentation “Tools for Success: Best Practice for Emerging Markets” was targeted to assist international decision-makers interested in promoting solar energy in emerging markets. The presentation covered the three key areas in which regulatory, technical, and financial structures best suited the particular needs of each regions.
> InterSolar Presentation

GeoFund - International Geothermal Workshop for Europe Central Asia (2008-09)
The GEF/World Bank's GeoFund - IGA International Geothermal Workshop goal was to systematically promote the use of geothermal energy in the Europe & Central Asia (ECA) countries by removing barriers to the development of geothermal renewable energy, leading to greater use and increase in demand for, and supply of, geothermal energy projects. The International Geothermal Workshop was directed toward high-level energy officials, developers and financiers. The workshop was targeted directly to GeoFund countries. The workshop brought together ECA region decision-makers with leaders in geothermal industry and finance.

Global Ministerial-Level Conference on Renewable Energy (2008)
Partnership International partnered with the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference on March 3-7, 2008. Partnership International recruited the participation from diplomats, World Bank officials, and USTDA officials. Hosted by the United States Government, WIREC 2008 was the third global ministerial-level conference on renewable energy, following events in Beijing in 2005, and Bonn in 2004. WIREC 2008 built upon the outcomes of the conferences in Bonn and Beijing by fostering increased political support and public awareness for renewable energy, new and innovative actions to promote widespread adoption of renewable energy, and advanced tools for collecting and disseminating best practices to end users. WIREC 2008 focused on three pillars necessary to support renewable energy industries: Agriculture and Rural Development; Technology/Research and Development; and Market Adoption and Finance. Each track examined how public policies and private efforts can most effectively advance renewable energy across the globe.

Wind Energy Auto-producer Contracts, Morocco (2007)
Partnership International developed a regulatory and contractual framework for the Office National de l’Electricité (Morocco's state-owned electricity utility) to launch a national 300 MW program for wind energy production by industrial users. Responsibilities included preparing implementation decrees and drafting contract models to allow the ONE to transport electricity for third-parties and to purchase surplus wind-generated electricity.

Markala Hydropower Project, Mali (2006)
Partnership International assessed the feasibility of constructing a 13 MW hydropower facility, approximately 50 kilometers north of Ségou on the Niger River, for the Mali Ministry of Mines, Energy, and Water. PI also completed a Project Review of the Markala Hydropower Project in Mali for World Bank financing.

Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative (1998-Present)
Partnership International's Senior Advisor for Renewable Energy formed the GSEII in 1998 as an ongoing consortium of international organizations assisting the small islands states in their energy transformation efforts. Work includes development of sustainable energy plans in participating states and supporting the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. These Sustainable Energy Plans provide member states detailed structuring of renewable policies, regulations, tariffs, financing, and capacity building for the increased utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and services.

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