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International Collaboration

Our Senior Advisors and Technical Experts have completed the following assignments:

Intercultural Exchanges – Washington, DC
Holland - International Security Studies between EU & US; Germany - Energy and Environmental Studies; UK - Conflict Resolution Studies; Columbia - Economics Development; Latin American; Argentina – Latin America Issues; France – Space Science; Norway – Intercultural Exchange; Spain - Biological Study on Infectious Diseases; Sweden - Language Exchanges; Israel - Mid-evil Era Study; Germany - International Blogs; Canada - Economic Development in Developing Countries Studies; Australia - Economic Development in Developing Countries Studies; Germany - Biological Studies on Fungi & Infectious Diseases; Turkey- Biological Studies on Cancer; and, Spain - Economic Development in Developing Countries Studies.

Presidents’ Summit For America’s Future – Washington DC
Designed overall Internet strategy and website architecture. Initiated corporate commitment from AOL to forward community service, which is the foundation of AOL’s Secured commitment from Oracle to provide Internet access to every US public schools, which was completed in 2000.

Points of Light Foundation – Washington, DC
Developed initial Internet strategy to facilities corporate and community volunteerism nationwide. Created overall site architecture and web design.

Inter-American Development Bank & Together Foundation – Washington, DC
Researched and created initial online platform promoting Sustainable Development. Platform now incorporated within Inter-American Development Bank’s “Knowledge Bank.”

United Nations Summit & UN Volunteers – Istanbul, Turkey
Presented at the UN City Summit. Introduced a proto-type online “ReSourceNet” as a global volunteer clearinghouse.

Democracy Fellows (Foreign VIP Corps) – Washington DC, Boston & San Francisco
Designed, coordinated, promoted and managed international volunteerism corps, which is now in incorporated within the US America Corps. The project teaches foreign participants “social-entrepreneurship” through US volunteerism and third-sector civil-society initiatives. As a Goodwill Ambassador for this initiative, advanced the concept of social-entrepreneurship via a State Department 17-country tour to promote global service with national Ministries and generating positive media coverage in 15 foreign national newspapers, the Washington Post, San Francisco Examiner, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, VOA, & NBC TV.
Students For Czechoslovakia – Czech & Slovak Republics
As first US delegation to independent Czechoslovakia - Designed, coordinated and supervised George Soros-funded Open Society program for US student-teachers to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) at local schools under the Ministries of Education and Culture.

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