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Poverty Reduction

Our Senior Advisors and Technical Experts have completed the following assignments:

Economic Development Program - Tomé and Principe
The consultant assisted several projects in S.Tomé and Principe: 1) IFAD-funded Artisanal Fishing and Small Farmers Development Program in setting up a planning and progress report drafting systems in 2004; 2) Drafted for the Ministry of Education of S.Tomé and Principe, the Manual of Administrative, Accounting, Financial and Procurement Procedures in 2006; 3) Assisted IDA-funded Social Sector Support Project in setting-up and implementing a Procurement system for goods, works, and services in 2005; Assisted in setting up a Food Security, Rural and Fisheries Development Fund, to be replenished with oil revenues; 4) mid-term evaluation for the IDA-funded Social Sector Development Project.

Economic Development - Guinea-Bissau
The consultant assisted Guinea-Bissau on several economic development initiatives: 1) Performed the mid-term evaluation for the Public Sector Capacity Building Project in Guinea-Bissau, in 2005, funded by the African Capacity Building Foundation; 2) Drafted in 2007 for the IFAD-funded Rural Rehabilitation and Community Development Project of Guinea-Bissau, the Manual of Administrative, Accounting, Financial and Procurement Procedures in 2007, as well as prepared the bidding documents to procure goods and services for the Project.

Micro-enterprise Loans & Postal Bank - Cape Verde
The Consultant Advised for the World Bank, assisted the Government of Cape Verde’s Growth and Competitiveness Project Coordination Unit for consulting services to create the Postal Bank in Cape Verde in order to provide the rural and urban poor mechanisms for savings and credit. In doing so, the consultant assisted the Post Services of Cape Verde (PSCV) in developing a strategy to modernize the structures of the postal service in the country through an integrated strategic plan to redefine its role in the market place via Postal Banking Carrying out Market Study, Institutional Solution and Feasibility Study.

Tourism Value Chain – ECIAFRICA - Cape Verde
Took part in the international team (ECIAFRICA) who drafted in 2007, a Study on the Tourism Value Chain for the Capeverdean Small and Medium Enterprises.

Agro-industry Development – Cape Verde
Provides technical assistance services to the African Development Foundation in Cape Verde, a US aid agency, in developing and monitoring the implementation of a dozen projects in agro-industry, maritime transportation, tourism, micro-finance and light manufacturing sectors; For instance, in such capacity, in 2006 I performed a loan portfolio analysis for MORABI and FAMIPICOS, 2 NGOs operating in micro-finance sector in Cape Verde, as well as I still provide them technical assistance services in setting up adequate management information system (MIS), to monitor micro-loans and generate quarterly financial statements, training activities, audit, etc.

Feasibility and Market Studies – Cape Verde
The consultant prepared several feasibility and market studies, including one to set up the Cape Verde´s 2 Chambers of Commerce and several private ventures, as well as a Manufacturing Booklet for foreign investors in 1995;

African Development Foundation – Cape Verde
The consultant prepared and presented a topic on Interest Rates on Micro-Loans for the African Development Foundation (a US organization operating in Cape Verde) in 1997, as well as designed a Manual for Training of Trainers for ACDI/VOCA in Cape Verde;

Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) - Cape Verde
The consultant participated in Drafting the Cape Verde´s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) to promote economic growth for the years of 2004-2007 and the country´s Project and Program Portfolio 2004-2008, to be funded by the US Millennium Challenge Account (MCA);
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