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IT Completed Project Portfolio

Our Senior Advisors and Technical Experts have completed the following assignments:

Energy Smart Fund Database, Monitoring & Evaluation System, Barbados (2016)
The overall objective of the Smart Fund Program’s is to promote the increased use of Renewable Energy (RE) and the implementation of Energy Efficiency (EE) measures by providing financial and technical support to RE and EE projects. The Government of Barbados (GoB) hired Partnership International to implement a program of oversight and reporting to ensure that the Government’s objectives are reached in relation to the Results Framework, Indicator Matrix, and Evaluation Methodology as predetermined under the program. Partnership International was commissioned to provide technical assistance to design, develop, implement, and provide training on the use of an Energy Smart Fund Database Monitoring and Evaluation Database System that facilitated the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the technical aspects of the program’s outputs by tracking the progress and impacts of the program based on various established indicators. ICT technical requirements included: an approach to satisfy Program Results Framework needs, Indicator Matrix, and Evaluation Methodology; technology preference choices (databases, reporting, integration methods, systems hosting, etc.); identification of existing data collection systems and processes to be used; evaluation and reporting requirements (baseline energy demand/use calculation, performance adjustments for weather conditions, analysis needs, report access and format, etc.); and systems operating requirements (backup/recovery, system administration, database administration, etc.).

Africa Geothermal Center of Excellence and Geo Portal, Kenya (2015)
The African Rift Center of Excellence and accompanying Geo Portal data and knowledge bank provide a useful repository for capacity building that could benefit African Rift countries at large. Funded by ICEIDA and the Nordic Development Fund, the Partnership International Team has been working with the Government of Kenya (GoK) to help develop an African Geothermal Center of Excellence (CoE). Given the GoK’s role as the host for the CoE, PI has carried out research on a prospective data management system for East Africa geothermal developments. With its great wealth of geothermal resource development, Kenya is an ideal place to develop the first Geo Portal in East Africa. Presently, PI is working with the Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MoEP) to develop their Geothermal Data and Content Management technology within the framework of the CoE. Towards this goal, PI shall take a two-tiered approach in utilizing the data management platform: 1) supporting a Kenya Geo Portal within a Geo Data and Content Network that could provide a greater data and knowledge base 2) supporting the CoE’s training/capacity building needs through Geo Data and Content Network Sharing. The MoEP shall manage the Kenya Geo Portal, and approved geothermal data and content could be shared and disseminated through this secure CoE network. Such content could be either publicly accessible via the web or privately secured with permission-based access that is controlled by content and data owned by MoEP or GDC or KenGen (each with secure access points enabling full control of their own data).

RelCost Software Development and Training, Energy Commission of Nigeria (2014)
Partnership International provided a customized RelCost software solution with training and advisory services to assist the Energy Commission of Nigeria in its integration of viable solutions into Nigeria’s power mix. Partnership International developed customized software along with a five-day training plan on the use of RelCost for financial evaluation of energy projects, to introduce renewable energy tax incentive approaches used in the U.S. to encourage Renewable Energy growth, and to provide attendees with multiple, working RelCost models. Utilizing Microsoft Excel, the ECN-customized RelCost financial modeling software evaluates financial performance, provides Pro Forma financial statements, and produces visually assessable project sensitivity to variations in key inputs. By helping the ECN evaluate a variety of factors key to the success of renewable energy projects, the ECN has been able to analyze the financial viability of energy projects in Nigeria and identify areas of projects on which to focus.

Geothermal Handbook and Investment Database, Indonesia (2011-2014)
With funding from KfW, Partnership International provided two years of technical, ICT, financial, and legal consulting to the Indonesian State Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) to effectively plan and coordinate public and private investments in the geothermal sector. Our objective was to develop a Geothermal Handbook and Investment Database "Geo Portal" with valuable geothermal sight specific data (in the portal's "Data Bank") to provide support for the planning and execution of geothermal projects and to accelerate the development of geothermal-based greenfield and brownfield projects. The Geothermal Investment Database was developed in collaboration with BAPPENAS staff to help attract public and private financing, and to support the coordination of this effort among ministries, departments, local government authorities, public and private financing institutions, and NGOs.

Information Systems Science & Technology, U.S. Defense Department (2007-2008)
Partnership International planned, directed, and executed specialized science and technology programs of national and international significance. The consultant directed activities of senior government civilian and military scientists and engineers who are themselves planning, managing, and executing science and technology development programs. The consultant provided solutions for international science and technology forums, met with other senior managers and high level officials of U.S. and foreign governments on the federal, regional, and local levell for successful delivery of collaborative and innovative technologies around the globe.

Information Systems Science & Technology - Modeling and Simulation (2005-2008)
Partnership International identified, proposed, and implemented solutions to management problems associated with broad and difficult program issues, directly influencing U.S. national security policy in the Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP). The consultant provided and implemented select recommendations that significantly changed or initiated policies or programs. The consultant developed agreements with organizations (including foreign governments) required to participate in and/or host science and technology advances; reviewed and evaluated research and program proposals; provided memoranda and briefings for Congressional, Department and related requests for information on programs; actively engaged with and participated in agency, international workgroups, and conferences (such as NATO programs for communications and countering WMDs) while initiating and maintaining liaison with other relevant entities. The consultant developed program plans and created papers describing methods for restructuring and reorganizing to address scientific challenges, eliminate stovepipes, and coordinate cross-cutting efforts to better form interdisciplinary teams to achieve scientific goals.

Transformation and Experimentation (2005)
Partnership International provided extensive services for agency-wide Transformation and Experimentation for development, demonstration, and operational support of technologies fundamental to defeating a wide range of high priority WMD (chemical and biological) facilities or systems; chaired and/or participated in meetings with various and numerous senior representatives; worked closely with Agency officials such as the CIO to ensure IT program elements were effectively executed; initiated and directed the technical and managerial execution of a $10M, five-year Experimentation professional services contract; promoted and facilitated Configuration Management, Verification and Validation, and other change management processes to support the development of new technologies, procedures, and systems.

Chief Information Officer (2004)
Parternship International provided Chief Information Officer services for a U.S. government agency, with responsibility for major programs in all areas of Information Technology. The consultant developed and executed budgets as well as integrated, implemented, and coordinated extensive IT policy development. The consultant provided advice, vision, oversight, and evaluation of Agency-wide and customer information management needs. The consultant collaborated with senior leaders in achieving goals, created business cases and project plans, directed information technology efforts. The consultant led the portfolio management review process for information systems, monitored and evaluated the performance of those information systems based on applicable performance measures, and, advised the agency head to modify or terminate those systems.

Private Firm Business Unit Operations (1989-2004)
Within a USD $75M (revenue) firm, and for a USD $20M and 100-person business unit, Partnership International directed technical operations, was responsible for financial success, and represented the company to half its customer base. The consultant managed all Information Technology issues at the company, and provided advice, vision, oversight, and evaluation throughout the entire systems lifecycle. The consultant directly managed a staff of 60; advised senior customer managers on budget development, staff improvement, technical system reviews, and business improvement planning; improved customer relationships and corporate revenue stream; provided detailed hands-on technical design, acquisition, coordination, implementation, and operation of systems such as complex enterprise database architectures. For the Russian Federation’s nuclear weapons management program (over a period of 10 years), the consultant provided extensive system design, component integration, testing, and review for a number of networks and databases; led technical discussion support and provided leadership in relationship with Russian Ministry of Defense staff; and, managed creation of associated technical documentation. The consultant implemented numerous web-based technical systems; provided network and facilities design, installation, and management support services; was responsible for the detailed and overall design and renovation efforts; and, designed and implemented a large computing center.

Customer Business Office Consolidation (2003)
For this government client, Partnership International provided extensive and detailed computer network designs and authored several papers discussing key technologies such as video conferencing, integration of network components, data-line encryption, uninterruptible power system design, integration, and facility design and construction.

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