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Partnership International's expert consultants have extensive experience in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, having worked for world-class operators, start-ups, venture capitalists, and government regulators worldwide. Our principals and lead experts have directly managed successful Postal/Telecommunication transition efforts to reform the regulatory and institutional frameworks, encourage private sector participation, and develop business and technical plans for national backbones, mobile networks, and wireless local access.

Deregulation of the telecom sector in developing countries has allowed businesses, entrepreneurs, farmers, and families to communicate more efficiently and cost-effectively. After the success of telecom operators in emerging countries, governments have increasingly come to realize that they can achieve greater economic efficiency and improve national productivity by creating a favorable regulatory climate, restructuring state-owned enterprises, and developing strategies and mechanisms to promote greater private sector participation in the ICT sector

Our ICT practice covers:

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> Knowledge Management Completed Project Portfolio

For further details on our ICT capabilities, please review our principals’ sample project portfolio by clicking the above links.

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For further details on our capabilities, please review the completed project portfolios of our Partners, Senior Advisors and Technical Experts.

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