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Postal & Postal Banking Completed Project Portfolio

Our Senior Advisors and Technical Experts have completed the following assignments:

World Bank Project to Create a Postal Bank, Cape Verde
Advising for the World Bank, Partnership International assisted the Government of Cape Verde’s Growth and Competitiveness Project Coordination Unit in creating the Postal Bank in Cape Verde to provide the rural and urban poor mechanisms for savings and credit. PI assisted the Post Services of Cape Verde (PSCV) in developing a strategy to modernize the structures of the postal service through an integrated strategic plan to redefine its role in the market place via Postal Banking Carrying out Market Study, Institutional Solution, and Feasibility Study.

Feasibility Study on Privatization of the Postal Service, Honduras
Partnership International's experts conducted a due diligence exercise of the Honduran Postal Sector for the Privatization Commission of Honduras under the direction of an American partner. The consultant reviewed the operations, researched the market, and conducted a detailed review of the finances and governance issues of the Honduran Postal Provider (Honducor).

Finance & Operations, Lebanon
Partnership International completed a re-organization of the finance department, integration of financial reporting systems, and an elimination of the paper burden in the accounting unit.

Finance & Operations, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Partnership International completed a financial and operational review of the country's postal services.

Business Proposal Macedonia Post, Macedonia
Partnership International developed a business proposal for ECS (Expatriate Compensation Services), in response to a RFP Jan 2003 Macedonia – Business planning for Macedonia Post.

Accounting Acumen, Macedonia
Partnership International's expert consultant completed a financial and accounting procedures review of the Macedonia Post.

Postal and Savings Bank Operations, Suriname
Partnership International conducted a complete diagnostic exercise of Suriname's national postal service provider (Surpost). The consultants contributed significantly to the review of the postal and savings bank operations.

Market Research Telecom, Postal, and Savings Bank Markets, Comoros
Partnership International conducted extensive research on the telecommunications, postal, and savings bank markets in and for the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros. Additionally, the team conducted an operational review of the core postal operations of the Société Nationale de la Poste et des Télécommunications (SNPT).

Adpostal Operational Diagnostic, Colombia
Partnership International's expert consultants conducted an operational diagnostic for the national postal administration of Colombia (Adpostal), and developed a 5 year « quality development plan » for the immediate improvement of services.

Audit of Libanpost, Lebanon
Partnership International provided consulting and coaching services to the section chief of the finance and audit department of Libanpost. Additionally, the consultants conducted an extensive procedural review of the business processes in the finance department. This assignment was followed by a subsequent four weeks of process improvement activities by Chartered Accountant.

Postal Service Operational Plan, Kuwait
After an on-site operational overview in Kuwait City, Partnership International's team of experts developed an operational plan for the provision of postal services by a private firm under contract with the Kuwait government.

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